Brenda Reed on MySpace

Brenda Reed has posted some great photos of herself, David Lynch, Heather Graham, and Kyle MacLachlan on her MySpace Page. Check them out!

Twin Peaks Gold Box Cover Art Pulled from

I’ve gotten a few emails regarding pulling the golden box art for the upcoming Twin Peaks “Definitive” Gold Box Set. All of the emails I have gotten has been very negative and are declaring victory over the Gold Box art. While I can’t confirm that the new artwork will look any better, what I can show you is some great covers that the creator of the website has created on his new website. Check the artwork out it’s some amazing work! Maybe once the official DVD comes out, we will have a contest for best produced fan artwork.

Twin Peaks Archive Interview with Chris Mulkey

It’s great to see new Twin Peaks websites popping up. I’m pleased to announce that Jerry Horne has recently posted a great interview with Chris Mulkey on his website Twin Peaks Archive. Enjoy!