More Alterations to the Season 2 DVD Set
More Alterations to the Season 2 DVD Set

More Alterations to the Season 2 DVD Set

Well, I’ve finally completed watching the entire set of Twin Peaks: Season 2 on DVD. After waiting almost 6 years for this set to come out, I have to say that I am a bit disappointed with the final result. The latest in a series of strange alterations with this box set comes the following message recently sent to me:

I just finished watching episode 14, directed by David Lynch, and I realized that there´s an editing discrepancy in the DVD version when compared to the VHS version of the same episode. Just after Leland puts on his gloves, and after Maddy asks about the peculiar smell in the air, Leland starts walking towards her (i.e. the camera). In the VHS version, the editing is slightly different, there is only when instance that shows Leland walking towards the camera, whereas in the DVD version, Leland walks, cut to Maddy, cut to Leland on his way to grab her, she screams, cut to Leand again. In the VHS tape, Maddy screams before he starts walking, just after Bob is superimposed on Leland´s image.
Anyway, I just checked the VHS version and I can certify to the veracity of this discrepancy.

I no longer have a copy on VHS but would be very interested to see if anyone can post this on YouTube along with a comparison of the DVD version. Add this one to missing dialogue in the new audio mix for Episode 28, bad compression on the dark scenes of Episode 29, and new framing showing boom microphones and a falling glove. Thanks to Leo Faraon for the news. Discuss this over at the Discussion Board

Twin Peaks Season 2 CD News

I’ve been told by a few sources that it is alsmot ready. The CD has gone to mastering and should be pressed and distributed in the next few weeks. It will be available retail and also at David I was told there would be special deals if you get your copy at David Also interesting news is that there will be at least 2 tracks from FWWM on the CD as well as the CD will no longer be just Season 2 music. Moe details as they come.

INLAND EMPIRE US DVD Release in August

I’ve been told that the INLAND EMPIRE DVD will be out in the US in August. Expect an official announcement in the next few weeks.