Missing Log Lady Introductions on “Complete” Season 2 Overseas Sets

I have been informed that the Dutch Twin Peaks Season 2 box (released as a Complete Set) is missing out on the Log Lady introductions on the first 3 discs (11 episodes). The slipcase incorrectly states “Log Lady Introductions to all Episodes”. In addition, the Australian and German DVD both were split into two sets and only have the Log Lady Introductions for Episodes in the Second box. Unfortunately I don’t have any contact info for Paramount overseas, but if anyone hears of any sort of replacement program, please let me know. Quite sad that Paramount would not pick up on this. Even if the Log Lady intros were a last minute addition, honestly, I have to say that is pretty lame not to somehow include them all on the Second Set.

Strange Framing on Episode 21

OK. I need some help here. I think there may be a problem with the framing on Episode 21 but unfortunately, I’ve long said goodbye to my VHS tapes. Check out my post over at the Dugpa.com Discussion Board and tell me if I am crazy. I’m hoping someone has a copy on VHS that can confirm.

Thanks to Luke Natoli and Roger Smeets for the news.