Calvin Lockhart
Calvin Lockhart

Calvin Lockhart

Sad news today. Calvin Lockhart who played Reggie in Wild at Heart and the Electrician in Twin Peaks: FWWM passed away on March 29th. He will be missed. Thanks to Jerry Horne for posting his obituary.

INLAND EMPIRE Technical Article and DVD News has a great technical article on the transfer of INLAND EMPIRE. Speaking of which, a UK release is slated for July 2nd with the US release being released sometime in August. More details as they come.

Twin Peaks Season 2 Japan Release Details

According to the following Press Release, the first half of the Japanese Season 2 DVDs will be available for rent on June 22, with the second half available from July 6. Retail sales of the Japanese Season 2 DVD set are slated for this fall. Still no word on the UK release dates as of yet.

Paramount to Release German Twin Peaks:FWWM DVD

Check out the following Press Release. It looks to be a port of the MK2 DVD however it is very interesting to see that Paramount has the rights to FWWM in Germany thereby enabling them to include FWWM in the Complete Mystery Box Set. I wonder if the rights to the North American release will revert from New Line to Paramount…

Thanks to Sean Lambrecht, Cameron Penwell and Martin Meyer for the news.