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Twin Peaks Season 2 Soundtrack Coming Soon

I’ve been informed by John Viola of the FWWM Fight Website that he has it on good word that the Twin Peaks Season 2 Soundtrack will be out in a few weeks. Still no release details have been posted over at the Official Angelo Badalamenti MySpace Site, but we should expect an announcement shortly.

Twin Peaks Season 2 Review Really Delayed

Well, the DVD is out and I’m only up to Episode 14. I decided that I would wtach the entire Series from start to finish beginning wuith the Korean DVD of the Pilot and working my way through the Artisan set in order to do a proper comparison. I’ll probably be done by next week the way things are going. If you grabbed a copy and want to discuss the set, please stop by our Twin Peaks Discussion Board. In addition, we have an thread started in case you want introduce yourself to other members of the board. Again, sorry for the delay on the review and will post something up for sure next week.