INLAND EMPIRE New Openings Posted at Official Site

Official INLAND EMPIRE Website has posted some additional dates and cities to the Theatrical Schedule. Minneapolis, St. Louis, and San Francisco’s
Embarcadero Center Cinema to name a few. Thanks to Christian Koege, Stacey Yates, Matt Hale, Nathan Stack, Mark Willey, and everyone else that wrote in for the updates.

Twin Peaks Season 2.2 German Artwork and Specs

Check out the story over at It seems that the Season 2.2 will deliver Log Lady Intros for Episodes 8-29 plus 67 minutes worth of Interviews with the Cast and Crew. Thanks to Christoph Brunner for the news.

Twin Peaks Season 2 Netherlands Release on April 5th

It seems that the US and Canada will not be the only ones getting a Complete Season 2 Box Set. The Netherlands will be getting the entire Second Season of Twin Peaks on April 5th. Click here for details from an online retailer. Thanks to John von der Linden for the news.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s Podcast

Creative Screenwriting Magazine has posted a Podcast with a 33 minute interview with David Lynch about INLAND EMPIRE and his previous works. Thanks to Mathieu Lalonde for the news.