Twin Peaks Season 2 DVD on April 3rd?

It seems that has updated the release date of Twin Peaks Season 2 to April 3rd, 2007. I’m currently checking up on this, but the new date may be correct. Thanks to Jane Forman and Janene for the heads up.

Lynch Interview on Interview

Thanks to Steve Brewster and Michael Biggs for the link.

Trouble with Youtube

This weekend, we had a report that Youtube had switched the feeds that we are linking to on the site to some rather offensive material. I apologize to anyone that may have clicked the links during that time. I have sentan email to Youtube alerting them to this.

Season 2.1 Norwegian Review

For those of you in Norway, here’s a review of the Season 2.1 box set. Below is a translation regardingthe picture quality:

It’s quite a huge difference between the first and the second seasons. It seems like they have take the orange colourtones a bit down -compared to the first season. The picture is now crisper and with more details.