Twin Peaks to be rebroadcast in HD!!!
Twin Peaks to be rebroadcast in HD!!!

Twin Peaks to be rebroadcast in HD!!!

Get your DVR’s ready!!! Today, NBC Universal announced that Twin Peaks would be rebroadcast on their new HD Channel, Chiller starting March 1st. Check out the articles ovr at
. Now’s the time to call your Cable or Satellite provider and ask them for Chiller. I have also heard from numerous sources that CBS/Paramount plans on releasing the entire series in HD and Standard DVD by the end of the year. Thanks to Heartland, Robert, and and everyone else that wrote in.

Mulholland Drive UK Special Edition

DVDTimes has posted that a Mulholland Drive Special Edition will be released on March 12h. Extras confirmed appear to match the French Special Edition and include: Making Of, Exclusive interviews with Mary Sweeney (subtitled) and Angelo Badalamenti (English language), Cannes 2001 press conference, Trailer, Inland Empire 10 minute preview (tbc). Thanks to Stephen Crompton, Jørgen Hurlen, and Janene for the news.

Catching the Big Fish Available at

You can now purchase the Audiobook version of David Lynch’s “Catching the Big Fish” through
. Thanks to Robert J. Maiolo for the news. I recently purchased the Audio Book through Amazon and think it’s a great.