A David Lynch/INLAND EMPIRE Documentary In the Works

Apparently there is a new David Lynch Documentary in the works. You can check out some of the notes from the documentary on the filmmaker’s Blog.



Hollywood Reporter

New York Times Article

Interview with Absurda’s Eric Bassett on INLAND EMPIRE Promotion

Check out the Podcast over at Workbookproject.com. It’s very insightful on what the guys at Absurda are up to these days.

Two Great Interviews with Lynch on Wired

Check out both interviews at Wired.com. Of special interest to FWWM Fans is the following excerpt:

ST: Is it the same world creating problems for the DVD for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me that includes the deleted scenes that your fans have been campaigning for over the last few years?
Lynch: No, that is gently in the works.

March and September 2006 Interviews