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Happy New Year & Twin Peaks Season 2 Releases

One question that has come up is the UK release of the Season 2 box set. As soon as I hear of one, I’ll post it. I guarantee that the UK will not be left out along with every other region that has not yet announced the release of Season 2. From what I recall, some regions took longer to release Twin Peaks Season 1 on DVD. For instance, the UK Season 1 set came a bit after the rest of the Worldwide releases due to the licensing agreement with Universal. Just hang in there and I will post release dates as soon as I get them.

INLAND EMPIRE Official Discussion Board

Check out the Official INLAND EMPIRE Discussion Board. Most of the latest Inland Empire news will be available there.

David Lynch’s Catching the Big Fish Tour Dates

Check out Lynch’s Tour dates over at the Official Catching the Big Fish Website. Anyone attending the events, feel free to send over any reviews or photos my way and I’ll post them.

Twin Peaks Season 2.1 Reviews

Some stores in Germany have already started carrying the Season 2.1 Box Set. If anyone wants to send a review, box art, or screenshots, please send it my way and I’ll post it. I’m holding off for the US release myself. It would have been nice if CBS/Paramount would have sent me a review copy. Maybe the US version when it is released… Hint Hint.