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December 15th 2002

Twin Peaks Season One Korean DVD Set

I’ve decided to pick up a copy of the Twin Peaks Season One Korean DVD set. It should arrive sometime after the New Year, and I will do a full review on the quality of the Pilot that is included with the set versus the Hong Kong stand alone Pilot.

December 12th 2002

No Eraserhead DVD for Christmas

Direct from the chatroom at David


Twin Peaks Season One DVD Set Hits Australia

Twin Peaks Season One Region 4 DVD Box Set has a release date of February 7th 2003 in Australia. Latest word is that the Australian set WILL include the Pilot Episode. Special thanks to Neil Pepper for the great scoop!

Black Lodge Singer Jimmy Scott in Person

Please join director Matthew Buzzell and producer Brian Gerber as they celebrate the life of jazz balladeer extraordinaire Jimmy Scott on the beautiful BIG screen of the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre on Tuesday, December 3rd at 7:30 PM. Jimmy Scott will be in attendance!
Ticket info: 323.466.FILM

Twin Peaks Season 2 on DVD in Germany May 2003

It looks as if Germany will be getting the first half of Twin Peaks Season 2 on DVD in May of 2003. David reported this and Primus Media seems to be taking pre-orders with a May 23rd 2003 release date. At this point you may be asking when will the box set be announced for release in the US? The only thing we know for certain is that all 29 episodes minus the Pilot were each given 5.1 audio remixes at Mi Casa studios, so there is definately intent to release Season 2 on DVD. As for the hi-def video transfers, we are not sure if all the Episodes were transferred at that time as well, but we do know that Artisan did have all the negatives pulled for the entire Series from the vaults to do the hi-def transfers from. Below is a picture of where the audio remix was performed a few years back:

As well as the blurb also taken from the January 2003 issue of Audio Video interiors:

Special thanks to Jeff Austin for the scans and info above.

Beware of the Spanish Twin Peaks Complete DVD Set

Word has it that the Spanish Twin Peaks DVD set was mastered from an aged VHS. Avoid like the plague!

Special Thanks to Zonca for the scans.

November 26th 2002

Frances Bay in Serious Car Accident

I am very sorry to tell you that Francis Bay was hit by a car and is in critical condition. Our thoughts go out to her tonight.

November 18th 2002

Wild at Heart and Nicholas Cage

The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood will be screening Wild at Heart this Sunday, November 24th at 3:00pm with Nicholas Cage to host a short discussion afterwards (schedule permitting). Tickets can be bought in person or by Fax only. Click here to visit the American Cinamatheque for more information. See you all there.

The Marlon Brando of DVD

Heres a more complete translation of an excerpt from the Lynch Interview in issues 27 of French DVD magazine, DVD Vision:

David Lynch: There are never too many scenes. When writing, when shooting, when editing, at each creative step, we add and we take away. Ideas are born, others die or are abandoned because they do not fit anymore with the whole. It is like a sculptor: he must take a piece from the stone to reveal the core of his figure…

DVD Vision: So you say no to cut scenes? At MK2, we are being assured they are trying to convince you to release cut scenes of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

David Lynch: It must be worth it. We are not going to do what all these other DVDs do with rough cuts from AVID, not calibrated, barely edited, with mag sound. What for? … I mean, they must be of quality…picture, sound… I am interested if we go back to the lab, take the negatives, re-edit the scenes so that they have a minimum of coherence, do a music, a soundtrack, mix, redo a calibrated master shot by shot to obtain a pristine copy. That’s a lot of work. If I am given the means to do it, I would not mind them to be shown outside the movie, since it is the way I would have worked on them.

DVD Vision: In fact, it is a matter of money?

David Lynch: Of money and time. Doing that also means not doing anything else.

DVD Vision: That’s a bit the Brando syndrom in the 80s: “Yes, yes I would be happy to perform five minutes in your movie, but I want to be top of the bill and 15 millions dollars for two days of shooting.” An elegant way to say no.

David Lynch: Yes, I am the Marlon Brando of DVD. I work toward the future. I am payed for that. If they want me to go back in the past… that is what these scenes represent for me… I have not been payed to do so. The Deleted Scenes I really wanted to show were for the Blue Velvet DVD, which I did not manage to find.

Lynch also goes on to state that he will never do commentaries on his films, not now or in the future. Looks like we may have to send more emails to MK2 to try and get them to raise the cash to do the job right.

Special thanks again to Bertrand Besse for the great scoop.

November 10th 2002

Twin Peaks DVDs Overseas

It looks like the rest of the world is catching up on getting Twin Peaks on DVD. Korea will be getting the same box that Germany recently got. In other news, Spain has just received a complete Twin Peaks DVD box set from Manga films. Early reports indicate that the Manga films Twin Peaks box set has packed the Pilot plus Seasons 1 and 2 all in a single 8-disc set, plus new packaging and a few extras different from the Season One set. The Spanish set is only 2.0 Stereo and the video quality is only slightly better than VHS, as they did not use the Artisan/Paramount hi-def transfers.

Thanks to Jeanha Bae, Bertrand Besse, and Jani Virtanen for the great news.

November 7th 2002

David Lynch Night at the Vinyl Club in Ashland, Oregon

On Saturday, November 16th, the Vinyl Club in Ashland, Oregon (behind Q’s) will be hosting a David Lynch Night. They will have dancing, coffee and doughnuts, as well as a screening of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Cover Charge is $3. Click here to grab the flyer.

November 3rd 2002

Eraserhead DVD Confirmed

Seven failed compression attempts, and a completely new HD transfer later, I’ve got it on good word that the Eraserhead DVD is planned to ship in 2 weeks. Check the online store in the coming days for the announcement. Also of good news is that we may possibly see the Thought Gang CD surface before the end of the year as well.

October 25th 2002

Korean Mulholland Drive DVD

I have heard that some people have been having trouble with getting their Korean Mulholland Drive DVDs from Mine came in just fine from them, but if you are looking for a US based retailer as an alternative, check out Scarecrow Video by clicking here. They have the DVD in stock right now along with VHS copies of the Jack Nance Documentary, “I Don’t Know Jack”. The DVD for “I Don’t Know Jack” will be available through as wel as David in the next month or so.

Membership has it’s Privileges

It seems that David Lynch has extended an offer to get David members backstage passes to the Blue Bob Concert in Paris on November 11th to meet the band in person. The offer has passed, but I think it was a wonderful gesture on David’s part.

October 13th 2002

More Updates on the Twin Peaks Pilot

Apparently there is someone at Paramount responding to Twin Peaks fans saying that they do not own the rights o the Twin Peaks Pilot. Furthermore, they are trying to say that New Line does. I recently received word from two sources at New Line saying that they absolutely have NO rights to the Twin Peaks Pilot. Their legal department checked to confirm this. I have a feeling that the rights to the Pilot in the US are caught up in a legal mess and no one has been putting any effort to get this thing sorted out. So there you have it. No one claims to have the rights to it.

October 3rd 2002

Blue Bob in France

Blue Bob will be playing at the Olympia in Paris on November 11th. For ticket information, click here.

Twin Peaks Season One DVD in the UK

UK will finally be getting the Season One DVD set. Details soon.

September 10th 2002

Exclusive Rare Photos Available on the Twin Peaks Festival Website

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am honored to be able to show you what is the FIRST NEW PHOTO OF A DELETED SCENE FROM TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME that has been released in over 10 years.

This photo and more can be ordered as limited edition Color and Black & White prints direct from Gary Bullocks private collection.

Change in Direction

Well all, it looks like I’m going to help lead a very big project at work that will last till November of 2003. With the craziness of work, my writing, and going back to school part time, updates on the site will be less often. I will turn the focus on reporting strictly Lynch DVD and music news as I get it. But before that, here is some catching up.

Eraserhead DVD Update

Lynch has made a mention in his chatroom:


Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Rumors and Facts Regarding the German Region 2 Twin Peaks Season 1 DVD Set

While rumor has it that Paramount acquired the same hi-def masters that were used in the US Artisan DVD Season One Box Set to include in their Season 1 Region 2 DVD Set, a new rumor has surfaced that the Pilot was transferred from a German TV Beta master. What this means is that chances are it will look and sound much better than the poor quality Catalyst Logic Pilot DVD, but it will not be the high “almost reference” quality that the Artisan DVDs have exhibited. I’ve decided to hold off on getting a set unless someone at Paramount Germany wants to send me a review copy.. hint hint.

In other news, I was informed that the German Region 2 DVD set will include subtitles in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Danish, Greek, Netherlands, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Czech. reports that this set will be available November 7th 2002.

August 28th 2002

10th Anniversary of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the US premiere of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

August 18th 2002

Julee Cruise In-Store This Tuesday at the Virgin Megastore in Hollywood

Tuesday, August 20th at 7 pm at the Virgin Megastore, 8000 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA Julee will perform LIVE and autograph copies of her latest CD “THE ART OF BEING A GIRL.” I had the rare opportunity to meet Julee this weekend at the Twin Peaks Festival, and let me just say that she is just an amazing person. Don’t miss out! Also, if you haven’t already picked up the new album, click below to grab your copy.

Order “the Art of Being a Girl” by Julee Cruise Today!

Korean Mulholland Drive DVD

I just have to say that I completely agree with Mike Dunn’s review on the new Korean Mulholland Drive DVD. It has some great extra material, and if you haven’t bought a copy already, go with the Korean DVD and get more bang for your buck.

Twin Peaks Festival Notes

Well, I’m back from the Fest. Julee Cruise was awesome, as was John Neff. Gary Bullock showed a few rare stills of Deleted Scenes from the Chet Desmond/Sheriff Cable fight scene that haven’t been seen ever. They will be available to buy as stills in a few weeks from the Twin Peaks Fest site. Check back later this week for a more complete update. Time to sleep, for tomorrow I go back to work.

August 12th 2002

Lynch DVDs Trapped in the Lodge

One of the most asked questions I get is when a particular title will be available on DVD. Currently there is no news about any upcoming US DVD releases. One thing I thought might help speed things up is setting up a page where fans can send emails to the Home Video departments of the various motion picture companies and DEMAND they release these films properly on DVD. Hell, it sure beats sitting around and waiting. Click here to check out the new page I put up. – Page Removed

August 11th 2002

Review of Korean Mulholland Drive DVD up at Lynchnet

There’s a great review of the Region 0 Mulholland Drive DVD over at Lynchnet. Click here to check it out.

Dutch Release of Twin Peaks Season 1 in October

I have just been told that Dutch release of Twin Peaks Season One will also be available on October 8th.

Cabin Fever to be Shown at the Toronto Film Festival

Eli Roths Cabin Fever will be playing at this years Toronto Film Festival. It has been selected to be played as one of the Midnight Madness films. Congratulations Eli!

August 4th 2002

John Neff to Play with Rebekah Del Rio on August 13th

Just found out that John Neff of Blue Bob will be on the stage with Rebekah Del Rio on Tuesday, August 13th.

Twin Peaks Season One and Fire Walk With Me to Be Released in Japan

Word has it that both the Twin Peaks Season One DVD set and Fire Walk With Me will be released in Japan before the end of the year. The Japanese Twin Peaks Season One DVD set WILL include the Pilot episode. Kind of feels like the US is the only country that will be going Pilot-less in the Season One DVD set.

Mulholland Drive Korean DVD Looks Good

I’ve received a few emails reporting that the Korean Mulholland Drive DVD look great, has a bunch of interviews and behind the scenes with cast and crew taken from the Universal Press Kit, uses the same great transfer that Universal released, has Chapter stops (for those of you who really need them), and get this… is available as a Region 0 DVD in NTSC. There are a few places on the net that sell the Korean Mulholland Drive DVD, and reports are that you can get this baby shipped for less that $25 US. The only thing this disc is missing is the DTS track, but it does include a 5.1 Dolby Digital audio track, which is just fine in my book.

August 1st 2002

Looks Like the Rumors Are True… Season 2 in 2003

I just received word from my contact at Artisan that although there is no official release date, 2003 at this point would be a safe bet. So although it isn’t an official confirmation, and the discs could potentially show up as a the last minute December release, it’s not very likely in my opinion. In either case, I am sure it will be worth the wait.

Julee Cruise Appearances in August

Word has it that Julee Cruise will be doing various appearances in promotion of her new CD “The Art of Being a Girl”. Check out her website for more details.

Updated the FAQ

Just updated the FAQ tonight. Check it out by clicking here.

German Twin Peaks DVD set Pushed Back to November is reporting the German DVD set has been pushed back to November 7th.

Rebekah Del Rio Live Performance on August 13th

Just a reminder, Rebekah Del Rio will be performing live at this years “Southern California RAINN Event” being held in Los Angeles on August 13th. RAINN is the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network which runs the countries only 24 hour hotline for survivors of sexual abuse.

You can learn more about our event at including information on how you can help out even if you cannot attend.

More information can also be found at Rebekah’s site and at RAINN’s website

July 25th 2002

Twin Peaks Season 2 DVD in 2003?

There has been a rumor going around at the Twin Peaks Gazette that the Twin Peaks Season 2 DVD Box Set from Artisan has been pushed back to 2003. I have some inquiries into Artisan, and should have some info in the next few weeks. I’m willing to bet that if we don’t get a press release within the next 8-10 weeks, the rumor will become a fact. What also supports this rumor is that at the recent VSDA, there was no mention made of the box set from Artisan. Anyways, check back these next few weeks for an update.

July 19th 2002

German Dune DVD Special Edition

Well, it looks like Germany will be getting what a 3 Disc Special Edition of Dune. It will include the theatrical version with a 5.1 German and English sound mix on Disc 1, the Alan Smithee TV version on Disc 2, and a bunch of Extras on Disc 3. Now I must say that I have never been a huge Dune fan, but if the extras include any sort of Deleted Scenes or Documentaries, you know I’m game. Also, note that the rumor is that the Theatrical version will be a new anamorphic transfer, however, some idiot did it off of a print with burnt in subtitles. Anyways, it should street in September sometime.

Lost Highway DVD News

Since the merger of USA Films home video catalog into Universal Home Video, no one has heard anything about USAs planned Lost Highway: Special Edition DVD. Today I got word from Universal that because of the merger, they are still looking into their catalog to see what they have legal rights to release. It could be some time before this release sees the light of day, but because sales were so strong on the Mulholland Drive DVD, I am sure we will see this most likely sometime next year.

July 16th 2002

Twin Peaks Festival is Exactly One Month Away!

This years annual Twin Peaks and David Lynch Festival is exactly one month away. Tickets are STILL available, but going very fast. Sixteen celebrities from Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, and Mulholland Drive, costume contests, dancing, gambling at One Eyed Jacks, plus as if that wasn’t enough, Julee Cruise and John Neff of Blue Bob performing live. Click here for more information.

Sound Info on the German Twin Peaks Region 2 DVD

Word has it that Episodes 1-7 will have a 5.1 Dolby English Audio track, plus commentaries, and a mono German and Italian dub track. Interesting enough is that the Pilot will only have a Dolby Stereo English Audio track, plus the mono German and Italian dub tracks. No DTS on this set, but I’m willing to bet that the Pilot with this version will be superior to the one that is out from Catalyst Logic.

July 9th 2002

German Twin Peaks Region 2 DVD Pushed Back to October 10th

I’ve just gotten word that Paramount has pushed back the release of the Twin Peaks Season 1 DVD set to October 10th. No word on why it has been delayed, but rest assured, it will be coming out. No word still on the long awaited US Season 2 box set.

July 8th 2002

Rabbits Episode 4 is Up

Episode 4 of Rabbits went is up at David This episode once again features Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring, and Scott Coffey.

July 3rd 2002

Julee Cruise Official Site Goes Live

You can check it out now at Her new album, “the Art of Being a Girl” debuts on August 20th.

July 2nd 2002

Eraserhead DVD Release Looking Like September

This just in from the David Chat Room:

JOHNNEFF [7:50 PM PST]: It is in manufacturing now. Dave will have to OK a test disc when he gets back, then it will be just the press run after that.

David will be out of the country till mid August, so if all goes well, I would guess that we should see the DVD as early as September.

Cabin Fever Photo Gallery Online

Check out the Cabin Fever photo gallery online by clicking here. About a month back, I was lucky enough to hear some of the music score that Angelo Badalamenti did for this picture, and it was just awesome. Another interesting tidbit is that John Neff and wife Nancy both have parts in this film. I have a feeling that this film is really going to kick some major ass when it is released.

July 1st 2002

John Neff to Perform at the Twin Peaks Festival

It’s official. Yesterday, John Neff of Blue Bob confirmed that he will be playing a short set at this years Twin Peaks Festival. Julee Cruise and John Neff… what more could anyone ask for?

Thought Gang CD Available Soon

Speaking of John Neff, rumor has it that he recently finished mixing the long awaited Thought Gang album which should be available soon exclusively on David So far, only two tracks have been released by the Thought Gang; “A Real Indication” and “the Black Dog Runs at Night”, which were featured on the 1992 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack. Apparently, Lynch and Badalamenti wrote and recorded several songs as the Thought Gang, however, nothing has been officially released or even heard of the project until now. As soon as I hear a firm release date, I will post it.

Rabbits 3 Is Out Now

Episode 3 of Rabbits is out now and it features the lovely Rebekah Del Rio.

Blue Velvet SE DVD

If you haven’t picked up the Blue Velvet Special Edition DVD, you really should. The documentary alone is worth the price of the DVD. Also, keep in mind that by purchasing the Blue Velvet DVD, you are indirectly letting MGM know that there is demand for Lynch on DVD and maybe they will pull the Wild at Heart DVD off the back burner and hopefully make it as great of a Special Edition as Blue Velvet is. Seriously, MGMs representation of Blue Velvet on DVD is by far the best that any film studio has done to give Lynch a proper home video release. Click here to grab your copy today.

June 22nd 2002

Rebekah Del Rio Live Performance on August 13th

Rebekah Del Rio will be performing live at this years “Southern California RAINN Event” being held in Los Angeles on August 13th. RAINN is the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network which runs the countries only 24 hour hotline for survivors of sexual abuse.

You can learn more about our event at including information on how you can help out even if you cannot attend.

More information can also be found at Rebekah’s site and at RAINN’s website

Steer Clear of the New UK Lost Highway DVD

I have just been informed that the new R2/4 Lost Highway DVD that was just released by Front Row Video is quite awful. Bad transfer, the print they used was full of scratches, and only a 2.0 audio track. Hopefully Universal will put out a descent version here in the US sometime soon; especially since Mulholland Drive was a big seller for them this year.

Thanks to Bernardo Matos for the good word.

June 19th 2002

the Magician Appears in Twin Peaks

Actor / Director Richard Green AKA the Magician from Mulholland Drive will be joining the list of celebrities at this years Twin Peaks Festival. For those of you who don’t know, Richard was a close friend of Jack Nance, and is responsible for putting together the superb Jack Nance documentary “I Don’t Know Jack – the Unsolved Life of Jack Nance” which is presented by David Lynch. A limited number of copies of the documentary will be available at the Twin Peaks Festival this year.

June 17th 2002

Rabbits Episode 2 Up at David

Members can enjoy the second installment of the Rabbits series NOW.

We Have Ourselves A Winner

The Winner of the Design Me a New Banner contest is Baris Azman from the Netherlands. Thanks to all 48 people who entered the contest.

June 11th 2002

Easter Eggs on the Blue Velvet SE DVD

For all of you wanting to find all the Easter Eggs on the new Blue Velvet SE DVD, click here.

June 9th 2002

Rabbits Up at David

Lynch’s new series “Rabbits” is up at David It is being offered to members and soon to be available to non-members through pay-per-view.

May 30th 2002

Lynch Comments on FWWM Deleted Scenes Talks With MK2

Lynch had this to say in his chat room about his talks with MK2 last week:


Special thanks to Adam Harding for the great news.

May 28th 2002

Lynch Arrives Back from Cannes

Lynch is scheduled to return from Cannes today. Hopefully he will be in his chat room to tell some cool stories. For those of you that aren’t members, there is a Cannes Diary Series exclusive to David members that chronicles his trip to France. It is very cool and features Angelo doing a cameo. Banner Contest Reminder

Keep those banners coming in. Remember, the contest ends Friday, June 14th at 11:59PM PST.

Twin Peaks Season One DVD Box Set to be Released in Italy

Looks like the Twin Peaks Box Set will be hitting Italy in October, and like the German box set, it will include the Pilot Episode. No word on any particulars as of yet.

May 19th 2002

Lynch Gets Presented with the Legion of Honour at Cannes

Click here to read this great story. Congratulations David!

May 17th 2002

Lets Win This Fight

Possibly the best news I’ve heard all year. Hervé Lextrait, a viewer from France contacted MK2 and gave me the following statement from MK2:

First, MK2 plans to meet with Lynch in Cannes in the next week or so. Second, thanks to the thousands of emails they have received, they strongly wish to include Deleted Scenes on their upcoming FWWM DVD. All of this really depends on how things go with their negotiations with Lynch. They understand the great worldwide demand, and have asked to keep those emails and letters coming in, as it helps show the demand for doing this. Finally, the DVD will definitely be pushed back from the September 2002 release date to allow more time for negotiations.

Now is the time to help spread the word. There are two emails you can send to make sure we are heard: You can send an email to If you haven’t heard back from MK2 after your first email, go ahead and write them another email. Be sure to send your email to both, and as always, be polite. Spread the word. Hit the message boards and newsgroups.

Special thanks to Hervé Lextrait for the awesome scoop!

May 16th 2002

Fight For Deleted Scenes on Region 2 DVD Still Continues

I was in the David chat room with John Neff a few nights ago, and he mentioned that there has been no word from MK2 regarding Lynch preparing the Deleted Scenes for MK2’s Region 2 release of FWWM on DVD. Since Lynch is in Cannes right now, it would be the perfect opportunity for MK2 to approach Lynch and cut some sort of deal. We can do our part as well. If you haven’t heard back from MK2, go ahead and write them another email.

New Julee Cruise Solo CD in Stores August 13th

The brand new long awaited solo full length release by Julee Cruise, “The Art of Being a Girl” will be released on August 13th from Water Music Records/Universal. This will be her first full length solo album in almost 10 years. Rumor has it that Twin Peaks fans may be in for a secret surprise hidden at the end of the disc.

Blue Velvet DVD Rocks (Mini Review)

Well, I just got a review copy of the Blue Velvet DVD. I watched the entire disc, and let me tell you… the transfer is clean, and the sound mix is outstanding, and the extras are to die for. To start, after all these years, of watching this film in Stereo, hearing the new 5.1 mix was like a breath of fresh air. John Neff really outdid himself on this one. I personally think it’s one of the best 5.1 mixes I’ve heard in a long time. If that weren’t enough, the documentary, let me just say is phenomenal. Jeffrey Schwarz is a true Lynch fan. He really went al out on this documentary. There was a scene of archive footage of Angelo and Isabella practicing by a piano that is just priceless. The Deleted Scenes montage was done very well. After watching it, I was sad that the footage hadn’t survived, but the way they presented it was the next best thing. The photo still section had some awesome behind the scenes pictures that really gave a great look at the mood of the set and how the actors enacted with Lynch and each other. Finally, a Lynch film on DVD done RIGHT. New Line could take a lesson or two from MGM. If you haven’t already pre-ordered this baby, click here to place your order and help support the site.

Updates to the Twin Peaks Festival

Looks like the Twin Peaks Festival will be welcoming Dana Ashbrook, AKA Bobby Briggs for this years Festival. Unfortunately, Frances Bay AKA Mrs. Tremond will not be able to make it, as he husband has gotten seriously ill in the last few weeks. We send wishes for a speedy recovery for Charles Bay.

Lynch at Cannes

Click here to see a cool picture of David and Mary plus an article on Cannes, or click here to read an interview with Lynch at Cannes. Special thanks to Paul Hampton for the alert.

May 14th 2002

Mulholland Drive French DVD Details has posted the following specs for bonus materials included on the upcoming French Region 2 Mulholland Drive DVD:

• Le Making Of
2 documentaires:
• “Spécial Lynch”
• “L’Art de David Lynch”
• L’interview du compositeur Angelo Badalamenti
• Des interviews de collaborateurs de David Lynch
• La conférence du Festival de Cannes 2001
• Un reportage photo
• Le lien internet
• La bande-annonce
• Un chapitrage aléatoire

• Format plein écran et cinémascope

May 12th 2002

DVD Shrine has a First Look at the Blue Velvet SE DVD

Click here to see some great screen grabs of the menus and then some. And for those of you wondering, the menu shots indicate that the disc DOES have chapter stops.

May 9th 2002

Lynch UK DVD‘s Coming this Year

Looks like Lost Highway will be released in the UK on June 21st along with Mulholland Drive following in September. Also, rumor has it that France will be getting a 2-Disc Set of Mulholland Drive in September as well. Although I can’t confirm it, I’m sure it’s highly likely. Now lets see if either the UK or French DVD’s use the same Lynch approved transfer, or if they go ahead and do their own…

Eraserhead CDROM ?!!!

While sifting through some emails, I was given this link. It looks like someone has gone through a lot of trouble to recreate the rooms of Eraserhead in computer animation. Check out the link by clicking here.

May 8th 2002

Eraserhead DVD Delayed Possibly as Far as Two Months

Lynch had this to say in a recent chat on regarding the upcoming Eraserhead DVD.


Sources at say that it could be delayed as much as 2 months. It’s good to see that Lynch is taking the time to make sure that his baby is delivered right. Special Thanks to Adam Harding for the News

News to be Slow These Next Few Weeks

Well, I’ve started a new job and have been super busy, so I won’t be able to update the site as often. Please keep those scoops coming in. Hopefully things will be back to normal in a few weeks. Design Me A Banner Contest

Well, as you know, I’ve been real busy lately. I am looking to change the top banner of my site. The one up there is an improvement, but still very dull and boring. Anyone willing to design a new one for me? The person that submits the one I choose will get a Mulholland Drive key ring and matchbook. The only real specifications are that it should have a space to the left where I can add my logo and it should be 633 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. It should also incorporate a collage of scenes from Lynch films. No need to use any of the graphic links that are currently on my banner. The deadline is Friday, June 14th. Good luck!

May 3rd 2002

Twin Peaks Region 2 Season One DVD to be Released on September 4th 2002

You can now officially pre-order copies of Twin Peaks Season One on Region 2 DVD. This set features a German mono track and a 5.1 Dolby Surround track. However, it does not contain a DTS sound mix. What it does contain however, is the Pilot, which should be a match to the quality of the Artisan Twin Peaks DVD set. If you want to help support the site, and can play Region 2 DVDs, you can order your copy from Amazon in Germany. Click here to pre-order.

Keep Checking the Twin Peaks Festival Site

A little bird told me that another celebrity may be confirming for the Twin Peaks Festival in the next week or so.

April 27th 2002

Blue Bob Listening Party

Apple will be streaming tracks from the new Blue Bob CD this weekend through Sunday Night. Click here to check it out or click here to go directly to the listening station. You can also check out the Thank You Judge music video as well which features John Neff, Naomi Watts, Eli Roth, and a Mystery Man. Enjoy!

Rabbits to Premiere June 7th 2002

Word has it that Lynch’s new series, Rabbits will be premiering on David Friday, June 7th. It will be available to members only. Non members can watch it via pay per view. Rabbits stars Naomi Watts.

Pierre Tremond Added to this Years Twin Peaks Festival

Jonathan Leppell, AKA Pierre Tremond in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me will be joining the list of celebrities at this years Twin Peaks Festival.

New Issue of Wrapped in Plastic Tells All

If you haven’t already checked out the latest issue of Wrapped in Plastic, get it now. It has a great feature on, interviews with Lynch, John Neff, Jennifer Lynch and others; plus details on the restoration of Eraserhead for DVD! And if that weren’t enough, an interview with Robert Engels that talks about the identity of Judy. Click here to be taken to the Wrapped in plastic home page.

April 24th 2002

Blue Velvet DVD Interview is Up… Check it Out

Twin Peaks: Season One R2 DVD Set Including the Pilot to Be Released in Germany

According to the Area DVD site, Paramount Germany has announced today that they plan on releasing the Twin Peaks: Season One DVD set in September of this year with Season 2 to follow in 2003. Click here for the original announcement over at Area DVD. From what I have heard they will be using the Artisan masters as well as a newly mastered version of the original Pilot.

April 17th 2002

Ebert Dissects Mulholland Drive

Click here to read this article.

Eraserhead DVD Delayed

Lynch had this to say regarding the release of the upcoming Eraserhead DVD:


April 14th 2002

More from Lynch on Mulholland Drive Blurring

Lynch had this to say on April 10th in his chat room at David



April 10th 2002

Mulholland Drive Censoring is the Talk of the Town

I thought I would chime in here. Since yesterday, I have seen many… many more websites report and even scold Lynch for allowing the 2 second nude scene be blurred. One thing has bothered me is that some people actually have the audacity to compare this to what Lucas did with the Star Wars: Special Edition. HELLO! This is a 2 second scene if that, and it does not detract from the film, nor does it alter the storyline whatsoever. This is NOTHING like having Greedo shoot first. Give me a break. Anyways, the film looks and sounds great on DVD.

April 9th 2002

Laura Palmer in Club Silencio ?!!! Maybe yes… Maybe No

Click here for this special report.

Mulholland Drive DVD Streets Today

So what are you waiting for? I’ll be grabbing my copy at lunch today. Also, before the rumors start, all you film purists should know that yes, there is a brief nude scene of Laura Harring that was digitally blurred from the waist down on purpose. Lynch however made the decision on this… not Universal. A quote from his chatroom on the subject:


I don’t think it changes the film at all, but just thought I would note this. There are multiple discussions going on over at Mike Dunn’s New Message Board, the Home Theater Forum, and also over at the Twin Peaks Gazette. What I want to know is if other foreign releases are digitally blurring the scene as well. I have been told that the Canadian version uses the same transfer. Anyways, pick up your copy today, or if you like, click here to help support the site and grab a copy from

April 6th 2002

Frank Booth VS. Special Agent Sam Stanley… Well Sort Of

Not sure if anyone has been following the TV show “24”, but thought I would mention that the April 16th episode will feature Dennis Hopper as the mastermind behind all the terrorist acts that Keifer Sutherland has been having to deal with. Click here to see Yahoo’s mention about the upcoming Episode.

Twin Peaks Festival Adds Lenny Von Dohlen to the Roster

Lenny Von Dohlen AKA Harold Smith has been confirmed to be attending this years Twin Peaks Festival. That’s right folks. Fifteen celebrities and counting, a Julee Cruise concert, the 10th Anniversary Presentation of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on the big screen, and much much more. What more could a person ask for? Check out the site by clicking here. Tickets are limited to 200.

Lenny Von Dohlen Featured in a Local Play Called “the Blue Room”

Speaking of Harold Smith… Lenny Von Dohlen is currently appearing at the Pasadena Playhouse in a new play called “The Blue Room.” Those living in the Los Angeles area, can catch it at the Pasadena Playhouse. It runs though April 21st. Call 626-792-8672 for more information and tickets.

Lunch with Lynch Contest Winners Announced

Click here to check to see and hear Lynch announce the winners of the Lunch with Lynch Contest.

Mulholland Drive DVD Reviews Up Now

Check out the reviews on the new Mulholland Drive DVD. There’s one at the Digital Bits, and one at A Current Guide to DVD.

Special thanks to Mark McLeod for the heads up.

April 4th 2002

US Mulholland Drive DVD… Two Covers ?

Recent rumor has it that the Mulholland Drive DVD coming out this coming Tuesday will be available with two different covers. One with Laura and the other with Naomi just like the A & B movie posters. Although I cannot personally confirm this, I have gotten a few emails from people that have already picked up their copies at stores that decided to break the street date.

Blue Velvet DVD Interview Up Soon

I finished up the first half of my Blue Velvet DVD interview with DVD producer Jeffrey Schwarz. For those who don’t know, he was the producer for the recent Silence of the Lambs Special Edition. All I can say is that we are really in for a treat. I should have it transcribed and posted in a few weeks.

April 2nd 2002

Moviehole Mentions November for Twin Peaks Season 2 on DVD

I have heard a rumored December release date, but I am guessing that an official press release should come in the next month or so. Expect the Second Season to be broken up into 2 box sets. More info as it comes.

Chatting at David

Hey all. Just wanted to let you know that I changed my username at David to “dugpa_”. Drop me a line if you see me in the chat room.

March 31st 2002

Twin Peaks Reference Book and Video Clips of a Deleted Scene from Fire Walk With Me Online Now!

Check out Larry Hunt’s Twin Peaks Reference Book. It’s a great new site that is a scholarly work of review, commentary, and in depth analysis of Twin Peaks. In short, it rocks! Check it out by clicking here, or if you want to go straight to the Deleted Scenes page, and see an on location video of a Deleted Scene with Chet Desmond, Sam Stanley, and Irene, outside of Haps, click here.

Twin Peaks Festival Really Heating Up

Just thought I would mention that this years Twin Peaks Festival looks like it’s going to be one of the best EVER. Already they have 14 celebrities lined up including Michael Anderson – the Man from Another Place, Frances Bay – Mrs. Tremond, Richard Beymer – Ben Horne, Gary Bullock – Sheriff Cable, Catherine Coulson – the Log Lady, Julee Cruise, Jan D’Arcy – Sylvia Horne, Don Davis – Major Briggs, John Neff of Blue Bob, Andrea Hays – Heidi the Waitress, Chris Mulkey – Hank Jennings, Kimmy Robertson – Lucy Moran, Charlotte Stewart – Betty Briggs, and Russ Tamblyn – Dr. Jacoby. Hope to see you all there.

Lunch with Lynch Contest to Announce Winners this Friday

Lynch will be announcing the winners of the Lunch with Lynch contest this Friday on

March 24th 2002

No Oscar for Lynch Tonight

Unfortunately Lynch did not pick up an Oscar tonight. Movies as great as Mulholland Drive deserve so much more. Below are some pictures from the Red Carpet of Naomi and Laura.

March 18th 2002

Lunch With Lynch Contest

Just a reminder that if you haven’t entered the Lunch with Lynch Contest, do it now. Click here to be taken to the registration page.

March 13th 2002

Happy Birthday John Neff !

We at would like to wish John Neff a Happy Birthday today.

March 12th 2002

Lynch Article and Fire Walk With Me Article on Entertainment

Click here to see the article on Lynch and click here to see the article on the Deleted Scenes. In the FWWM article, Lynch goes on the record and tells the real story of why Deleted Scenes didn’t end up on New Line’s FWWM DVD. MK2 says regarding Deleted Scenes, that they are “exploring the possibility.” Check it out.

Commentary Tracks on Upcoming Blue Velvet SE DVD ?

MGM Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg) just released a press release for the Blue Velvet SE DVD for a September release. The release will be a double disc, with mostly the same extra features as announced on the R1 DVD, but with two extra commentary tracks (one by cast and crew and another one by film students). Although no word of any commentary has been released for the R1 DVD, I couldn’t see why they would leave this out of the R1 disc.

Special thanks to Roger Smeets for the great scoop.

USA Home Video Gets Acquired… by Universal.

So What Does that Mean for their Upcoming Lost Highway SE DVD Release ?!!

A spokesperson for Universal Studios said that the company’s home video arm would begin distributing USA Films’ titles beginning with the release of Gosford Park. What does this mean for in production USA titles… we don’t know.

March 11th 2002

Blue Velvet DVD Ad in Video Business and Other Rumblings

Well, there hasn’t been much to report these past few days. Lynch and Neff are currently working on an upcoming episode of “Out Yonder” for David No word yet on negotiations between MK2 and Lynch, but I guess they are still ongoing. Click here to check out an ad I found on the back of a Video Business Magazine. I’m starting to get really curious about this Deleted Scenes Montage that they mention, as from what I understand, Lynch did not edit and score Deleted Scenes from Blue Velvet to be included with this release. I’m working on getting an interview with the good people at MGM to find out more about this release.

March 4th 2002

Breaking the Language Barrier for the Fight For Fire Walk With Me Deleted Scenes

Since news broke about MK2 and Lynch in negotiations for releasing Deleted Scenes on the upcoming MK2 Region 2 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD, many people have been asking about the whole language barrier thing, and whether or not an email or letter in English will get the message of support across to MK2. Well, thanks to some awesome people over at the Twin Peaks Gazette Discussion Board, we now have a very comprehensive tutorial on how to compose a letter of support for Deleted Scenes in French to MK2.

Click to Check out the Writing a Letter to MK2 in French Tutorial

Special thanks to Devilish, Bron, Perfecta, CoopofCoffee, and Coox.

Lynch on Tech TV Tonight

Don’t forget to watch Lynch on Tech TV tonight. “Screen Savers” starts at 4:00pm Pacific, 7:00pm Eastern. Check local listings just to make sure.

March 2nd 2002

Win a Lunch With David Lynch Promotion at

I’m not sure what it’s all about, but it sounds exciting. Details to follow on March 5th. In the meantime, check out the site at David for the latest.

February 27th 2002

Blue Velvet Special Edition on DVD June 4th 2002

DVDfile is reporting a June 4th release for the Blue Velvet DVD. This sounds about right with what I’ve heard. The odd thing is that they also mention a Deleted Scenes Featurette for Blue Velvet. I was under the impression that there were NOT going to be Deleted Scenes on this disc. However, maybe just a documentary on what was deleted ?! I am looking into it and should have some solid info by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, click here to see an advanced preview of the cover art.

Click to Pre-Order the Blue Velvet Special Edition DVD and Help Support the Site

Mary Sweeney Wins BAFTA Award for Editing Mulholland Drive

This week Mary Sweeney won the British Academy of Film and Television Arts award for her amazing editing job on Mulholland Drive. For those of you who don’t know, wining a BAFTA in the UK is like winning an Oscar in the US. Congratulations Mary !

February 26th 2002

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD Out Today

I’ll be grabbing mine at Best Buy in Aliso Viejo during my lunch break. As I said it before, the sound and video on this disc are nothing short of amazing. The extras leave much to be desired, and we can only hope that MK2 comes through in this area.

Click to Order the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD from

February 25th 2002

Got My Package from David

All I can say is WOW ! Today I arrived home from a long day at the office to find two black boxes with the words “DAVID LYNCH.COM” sitting on my doorstep. I opened the box to find this red tissue paper. It was almost like Christmas. Anyways, Short Films DVD is just awesome. It features an introduction to each film by Lynch where he goes over the history of the films. It also features:

Six Men Getting Sick

The Alphabet

The Grandmother

The Amputee

The Cowboy and the Frenchman


and a TV Calibration Program
plus a beautiful 8×8 box and booklet

I am extremely pleased with the sound, video and packaging quality of this disc. I’ll try to post a full review of it and the Blue Bob CD in the next week or so, but just wanted to let everyone know that if you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you are missing out BIG TIME.

Click to Visit the Official David Store

February 22nd 2002

David Lynch Short Films DVD Specs

For those of you who have asked, YES, the Short Films DVD is Region 0. Below are some specs:

1.33:1 (Original Aspect Ratio)
16-bit / 48 khz PCM Audio

February 20th 2002

MK2 and Lynch in Preliminary Talks About Deleted Scenes for FWWM Region 2 DVD

Tonight, John Neff posted the following on the Twin Peaks Gazette Messageboard:

Well, Dave has talked to someone at MK2, but it is only preliminary, AND they have not received a budget. They have no idea what it might cost to do this. We will of course be as reasonable as we can, but to mix these like a film will take time and cost some money. It shuts the studio down to David’s stuff for a number of weeks, and requires a lot of his time, plus, the Avid or film editing. We’ll see. I will keep Brian posted and he can inform everybody.

This is great news, but now we need to do our part and let MK2 know that there is GREAT demand for these Deleted Scenes. So what if they are Region 2. MK2 has no way of knowing that New Line received over 30,000 emails and letters from fans all over the world (25% from France alone). They are separate entities altogether. More demand = bigger budget = Deleted Scenes. Need I say more ? Send an email off to today, and spread the word ! Also, I am working on getting a universal form letter in French for those worried about the language barrier.

David Store ONLINE NOW !

Need I say more ?

Click to check out the David Official Store

February 18th 2002

Julee Cruise to Perform at this Years Twin Peaks Festival

As if 11 Celebrities wasn’t enough to drag you out to Washington this year, it was announced today that Julee Cruise will be performing at this years Twin Peaks Festival. See for yourself by clicking here.

Interview with Sheriff Cable on Moviehole

Today, Moviehole released an interview with Gary Bullock, AKA Sheriff Cable.

Dark Horizons Report on MK2 and Deleted Scenes is Wrong

Today Dark Horizons reported that MK2 confirmed Deleted Scenes on their upcoming Region 2 FWWM DVD. This however was reported incorrectly, as no specs have been confirmed for this disc. Again, if you would like to see Deleted Scenes released on the upcoming Region 2 FWWM DVD from MK2, please send an email to, and ask for them specifically.

February 16th 2002

Twin Peaks Festival Tickets Sale Price Ends February 24th

Just a reminder that if you are planning on purchasing tickets to this years Twin Peaks/Lynch Fest, you can save $15 if you buy your tickets before February 24th. This year plans on being the best yet, as they already have 11 Celebrities booked and more to come.

Click to check the Official Twin Peaks Festival 2002 Page

February 15th 2002

David Store Almost Ready

The store should be opened in the next day or so. I have had the pleasure of helping them beta test the store, and after a quick run-through, it looks good. I’ll post here if an official date is given.

One thing I should point out is the Store will be open to everyone. Not just members. However, those of you that haven’t signed up are really missing out. Lynch is in the chat rooms almost daily answering questions and giving insight on everything from the true color of the floor tiles in the Black Lodge to Kangaroos. Please help support the man that has brought you some of the greatest artistic visions of this lifetime, and join David today. You will be glad you did.

Click to check out David

February 12th 2002

Lynch Nominated for an Oscar for Best Director

Congratulations Mr. Lynch ! Unfortunately, Naomi Watts was robbed of a nomination this year.

February 10th 2002

Pictures of Mulholland Drive Cover Art and Screen Menus Online at DVDShrine

Click here to see the cover art for the upcoming Mulholland Drive DVD. Click here to see some of the menus. Nor sure why they went with just the one poster and not the split poster…

Pre-Order Mulholland Drive on DVD from and Help Support the Site

February 7th 2002

FWWM DVD in Region 2 from MK2… Possibly Another Chance for Deleted Scenes
Today I just received word that MK2, the French company and Rights Holders to FWWM, are planning to release Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on Region 2 DVD in September of this year. Although no extras have been announced, there is speculation that MK2 will try and release Deleted Scenes on this disc. Now I don’t want to get anyones hopes up, and so far, I don’t believe Lynch has been contacted by MK2 for this release as of yet.

The question now is… Do you want a possible second chance to see those scenes make it to the public in some way, shape, or form ? Then let MK2 know today. Send them an email at: and show your support… even if you don’t live in France. As always, please, be polite, and when asking that they include Deleted Scenes, also request that the make the DVD as a Region 0 DVD (much like the Hong Kong Twin Peaks Pilot DVD and the UK FWWM DVD) so EVERYONE WORLDWIDE can play it on their home DVD players without buying a Region Free DVD player, and that they include an ENGLISH language track, just incase. Also, be sure to request that the scenes get edited and scored by David Lynch himself.

February 5th 2002

3-Legged Cat Productions to be at this Years Twin Peaks Festival

I have just gotten word that Mark Rance and his crew from 3-Legged Cat productions are going to be filming at this years Twin Peaks Festival. As you might know, 3-Legged Cat Productions is the company that filmed the documentary footage for both the upcoming FWWM DVD as well as the Twin Peaks Season One DVD set. If I were a betting man, I would bet that they are going to be using the footage as extras on an upcoming Artisan Twin Peaks Season Two DVD set. This might just be your chance to be part of Twin Peaks History. Check out the Festival Update page by clicking here.

Twin Peaks Season One DVD Easter Egg on David is Up

As you probably found out, Disc 4 of the Twin Peaks Season One DVD set if full of Easter Eggs. one of which, if you go to Chapter 30 on Disc 4, it will give you a code for Booth 9 that can be accessed by members. This code will give you a short Twin Peaks animation that Lynch put together specifically for the disc.

Lost Highway SE DVD in 2002 ?

Well folks, I know we had this info last year about this time, but USA films has put Lost Highway back on it’s 2002 schedule.

January 31st 2002

Rumors of Twin Peaks Region 2 DVD

On the following German Message Board, there is some information about the upcoming Twin Peaks Region 2 DVD set to be released by Paramount. And now here’s the kicker… since Paramount is releasing it overseas, it will include the Pilot Episode… remastered to match the same quality as the rest of the set. Thanks to everyone who sent in translations.

January 27th 2002

Mulholland Drive DVD To Be Released April 9th

From the official press release: Mulholland Drive will be released on April 9th. The disc features a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, English Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround tracks, production notes, filmographies, and the trailer. No word on any other extras.

FWWM DVD Cover Art

Click here to check out a “3D” version of the FWWM Cover Art

Peaks DVD‘s Sell Way Beyond Expectations

In an article from the Chicago Tribune, it was reported that the Twin Peaks Season One box set sold nearly 150,000 in the first few weeks of its release. This is incredible, as Artisan has reported that their Twin Peaks VHS sales had “peaked” between 30,000 and 40,000. Just goes to show what happens when you do a quality release. Hats off you Artisan.

January 21st 2002

No Globes for Mulholland Drive 🙁

Unfortunately, Mulholland Drive did not grab any Golden Globe Awards tonight. However, it was nice to see our man recognized in the public eye.

January 20th 2002

Happy Birthday David Lynch

David Lynch turns 56 today. Thank you, David, for your moving paintings that inspire the masses.

Check Out the Golden Globe Awards Tonight

Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. If there is any justice in the world, Mulholland Drive would sweep tonights awards. I will post the results as soon as I get them.

Twin Peaks Festival 2002 Website Goes Live

As some of you may know, I have been asked to design this years Twin Peaks Festival Website. Eric Thomas who has been previously running the Festival these past few years has passed the torch onto the Eisenstadt Family. Check out the site by going to

January 13th 2002

Lynch Named President of Jury at Cannes 2002

Click to read the entire story

See Mulholland Drive Again in it’s Theatrical Re-Release

Check your local theater, as this month, Mulholland Drive has been re-released to theaters following 4 Golden Globe Nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Original Score.

January 5th 2002

Twin Peaks Import Pilot DVD Available at

I just got word that the Twin Peaks Import Pilot DVD is now available from Now keep in mind that the sound quality sucks, and the picture quality is better than VHS, but not nearly as nice as Artisans Season 1 DVD set. However, it does come with the proper TV ending, and it looks like it may be a while before Paramount gets off their asses and puts a proper Twin Peaks Pilot out. So if you are looking for a quick, cheap fix, now you can order it from

January 4th 2002

Word Back from Lynch on the Deleted Scenes Situation

I just received word back from Lynch on why the Deleted Scenes were not included on the upcoming Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD. Here is his exact quote: “I honestly don’t know what the truth is. There are upwards of seventeen scenes, short ones, that could be completed. But first, they have to be found. Work print has to be made. We need to put it on the KEM (editor) and put it together. Sound has to be located, and put with the edited scenes. Then we have to gather sound effects and mix the scenes. Negative has to be cut. I have to go to the lab for color correction. A hi-def transfer has to be made, and then that has to be color corrected. The scenes have to be compressed for DVD, and that has to be evaluated. This will take a lot of time and cost a fortune.”

It is very disappointing that New Line did not spend more time trying to acquire and negotiate for these scenes, but I will tell you that I have seen the disc, and the audio and picture quality are nothing short of amazing. This is the best this movie has ever looked or sounded. Hopefully one day these scenes will see the light of day, but for now, they will remain in Twin Peaks.