2002 Twin Peaks Festival Review
2002 Twin Peaks Festival Review

2002 Twin Peaks Festival Review

2002 Festival Review

by Susan Eisenstadt archived from Wayback

August 16th-18th

Twin Peaks Festival 2002 is now just a fond memory to all of us who traveled to North Bend and Snoqualmie to partake in this annual meeting of the minds. Although we thought we had planned for every possible variable, still the occasional eruption of Murphy’s Law clogged our best laid plans.


The sign-in was packed with new faces and nametags bearing unfamiliar names. People came from all over the United States, as well as Canada, England, Spain, Norway, Japan and Australia. It was also wonderful to see the “old-timers” who have come one or more times in the past. About 30% of this year’s attendees were returnees to the Twin Peaks Festival with Brad and Carmen Smith of Bothell, WA being the true champions with a solid 10 consecutive years of attendance!

Once they’d signed in, fans browsed the souvenir tables to pick up such treats as official festival t-shirts and tank tops, other Lynch-themed t-shirts, “This Would Look Nice on Your Wall” FWWM prints, long-stemmed blue roses, and Julee Cruise’s new CD, The Art of Being a Girl, which was available for Twin Peaks Festival-goers slightly ahead of its general release date of August 20.

Once the sign-in details were taken care of it was time for the Annual Trivia Competition. Many returning competitors joined in but only three could win. This year’s trivia contest winners were:

  • 1st Rob Lindley (Ft. Lewis, WA)
  • 2nd Sean Lombardo (San Diego, CA) Winner ’98 Trivia Contest
  • 3rd Celeste Paradise (Seattle, WA)

By 2:30 we were out of the Grange Hall and everyone went off to make preparations for the Celebrity Kick-Off Dinner.

The dinner was scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm but there were many early birds and eager beavers. By 5:30 there was already a sizable crowd. The barbeque was well underway with Catering by John of Redmond, WA grilling up a storm. The dinner menu included:

  • Does This Mean I’ll Never Grow Up? ASPARAGUS, Cowboy & the FRENCH CARROTS, Waldo’s GRAPE TOMATOES served with Dill Dip
  • They’re Not Even Sure It is a BABY! BACK RIBS
  • Cut-up Like Regular Man-Made BBQ CHICKEN
  • The Angriest HOT DOGS in the World
  • Tibetan Vegetarian BOCA BURGERS
  • One-Eyed Jacks Poker POTATO CHIPS
  • Homemade Gordon COLE SLAW
  • Death by Chocolate Bunnies BROWNIES
  • We’re Here For You, Bobby! Meatloaf CARROT CAKE

Meanwhile, the celebrity guests began their slow journey into the Barn. Lots of stops, autographs, photo ops ensued. Chris Mathews and Gene Kirk manned the bar with an interesting mix of Twin Peaks interviews playing on a small television behind them.

The celebrity Q&A; followed dinner. The celebrities were introduced with audio clips of some of their key Lynch-lines. Don Davis was a little late arriving since he had to work on Stargate that day and then drive down from Vancouver. Fortunately he arrived in time for the Celebrity Judged Costume Competition. He was escorted to his seat by Rob Lindley who was in costume as – you guessed it – Major Briggs!

There were several fabulous costumes, including Wild at Heart’s Lula in her polka dot halter dress and Sailor in his snake-skin jacket; Audrey draped in a sheet with her trench-coated Agent Cooper; and Twin Nadines Before-and-After. In the end, the three top prizes went to these ladies:

  • 1st Jessica Coleman as Ronette (Eugene, OR)
  • 2nd Melissa Booth as Audrey (San Diego, CA)
  • 3rd Rhiannon Estes as Lil (Port St. Lucie, FL)

Next up was the musical presentation. John Neff plugged in and rocked the crowd with a set that ranged from Moody Blues to Blue Bob to country. After John’s set, Julee Cruise was introduced by Richard Green in his magician’s style. Julee’s ethereal voice filled the room and in a matter of moments, the crowd was mesmerized by Julee’s haunting interpretation of lyrics and music.

Just above the main floor of the Barn, One Eyed Jacks Casino was in full swing, with three gaming tables and a pit boss to oversee the dealers at a Black Jack table, a Roulette Wheel and the Craps table. Each guest received $30,000 starting funds but few ended up with that much! At the end of the evening pit boss announced the big winners. Rob Lindley increased his stakes to over $500,000! 

Casino winners:

  • 1st Rob Lindley (Fort Lewis, WA)
  • 2nd Place – Doug Saunders (Castle Rock, CO)
  • 3rd Place – Steve Smith (LA, CA)

The gambling, drinking, music, and private chats in the Black Lodge went on. And after everyone left the Barn, there were still private gatherings taking place well into the wee hours of Saturday morning.


Saturday started off with the bus tours of the filming sites. Adam Harding was the tour guide for the early bus and Robin Garrels led the second tour. By late afternoon everyone was getting ready for Film Night at the North Bend Theatre. Lines of fans started to form outside the theater and by 7:15 they were wrapped around the block.

Catherine Coulson addressed the theater audience with an explanation as to why she was not accompanied by her log on this trip. It seems that heightened security on the airlines was the reason. Catherine was unwilling to risk the log being confiscated and who can blame her for that! Kimmy Robertson gave a special word of thanks to the audience of fans who care enough to journey up to the mythical Twin Peaks each year for this festival. Richard Beymer, who is never without his mini-digi-cam, scanned the line doing on the spot interviews as he entered the theater. The entire unedited footage was shown as a prelude to his film, How to Make Perfect Hollywood Movies – or Whatever Happened to Richard Beymer.

What was supposed to be a short intermission for snack bar runs, turned into a longer one when technical difficulties arose. Once resolved, it was followed by a surprise video greeting from David Lynch, then the BlueBOB “Thank You, Judge” music video starring John Neff, Naomi Watts, Eli Roth and a masked David Lynch.

Next came a greeting from Dana Ashbrook (featuring Robert “Johnny Horne” Bauer) explaining that he was not able to attend this year’s festival but would be there next year. Also included were the Georgia Coffee ads from Japan and a collection of film trailers that Adam (Lynchposters) Stevenson had accumulated. Gary Bullock and his wife, Mil Nicholson presented a recent short film they co-starred in, Horse’s Asses.

Another intermission and then a surprise performance of “Questions in a World of Blue” sung a cappella by Julee Cruise, fans enjoyed this year’s feature presentation Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The stalwart fans made it through this lengthy film night and were out of the theater some time well after midnight.


Sunday morning found all of us heading out to the location of Deer Meadow Sheriff’s Station for the final event, the Cherry Pie Picnic. Julee Cruise was unable to join us as she had to catch an early flight to LA to promote her new album. The celebrities present were Richard Beymer, Gary Bullock, Catherine Coulson, Don Davis, Richard Green, John Neff, Kimmy Robertson, Charlotte Stewart, Russ Tamblyn and Lenny Von Dohlen.

The weather could not have been better if we had put in a personal request! Early in the week, it was sweltering but by Sunday, we had a dry and mild 75 degree sunny day. The Caterer delivered assorted picnic lunches along with bowls of fresh fruit and for dessert we had slices of Twede’s mmm-mmm good cherry pie. 

Josh Eisenstadt gave tours of the woods and the river bank pointing out where various scenes were filmed. Gary Bullock posed in front of what was his Sheriff Cable Deer Meadow Station and demonstrated how “Cable bends steel.” Richard Green brought his guitar and did an unplugged impromptu picnic performance for the fans.

After lunch, those vying for the prizes in the Tibetan Rock Throw contest, gathered about as Robin Garrels and Dave Burnett carried the buckets of rocks with kitchen-mitted hands. The winners (there were two bottles!) were:

  • 1st Fernando Morales of Fountain Hills, AZ
  • 2nd Bill Garner of Snohomish, WA

All too soon it was time to coordinate drivers and cars with celebrity passengers to get them off to Seattle-Tacoma Airports for flights back home. All made their flights on time. They all had such a fabulous time meeting the bright and enthusiastic fans and several noted the warmth that emanated from this respectful and intelligent group.

Until next year, let me offer a hearty “thank you!” to all of you for making your travel plans, saving your hard-earned funds, coordinating efforts with people you never met before, and then, finding your way up to pastoral North Bend. Your mutual sense of affection for the work of David Lynch, particularly Twin Peaks, was the glue that held the weekend together.

Special thanks to these exceptional celebrities for participating in this year’s Twin Peaks Festival: Richard Beymer, Gary Bullock, Catherine Coulson, Julee Cruise, Jan D’arcy, Don Davis, Richard Green, Andrea Hays, John Neff, Kimmy Robertson, Charlotte Stewart, Russ Tamblyn, and Lenny Von Dohlen.

Thanks to these members of the TP Fest 2002 Staff: Dave Burnett, Robin Garrels, Adam Harding, Gene Kirk, Leslie Kirkland, Dugpa, Chris Mathews, Renair Milstein, John Mitchell, Jolene Petty, Michael Rose, Pete Vilmur, and Nola Weaver.