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December 20th 2001FWWM DVD Street Date February 26th 2002

Well folks, it looks like the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD will finally be making its way into our hands. Although I cannot completely confirm this, it looks like it is without Deleted Scenes. You can pre-order it and help support the site by clicking here.

Pre-Order the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD from Amazon.comEli Roth in Thank You Judge VideoMany of you who are members of may have wondered, who is that ultra suave guy playing Naomi Watts’ boyfriend in the Thank You Judge Video. Well, it is no other than Eli Roth. He is currently in the cutting room with his directorial debut, “Cabin Fever.” Click here to check out a very cool pic from the set of “Cabin Fever.” Rebekah Del Rio Live at Farfalla’sFor those of you that missed her incredible show at the Gig, you have a chance to see her again. She will be playing live at Farfalla’s in Hollywood. Click here for more information. You will not want to miss this how. 

December 15th 2001

Chat Transcript on Reveals Potential Bad News for Twin Peaks Fans

Today I was on and who happened to be in the chatroom, but David Lynch himself. So I decided to ask him the question that has been on all of our minds. bkursar [2:40 PM PST]: David, any updates on whether New Line is going to pay for the Deleted Scenes to be mixed and editied for the Twin Peaks FWWM DVD ?
bkursar [2:41 PM PST]: They are still telling the fans that they are “negotiating with the rights holders”
DAVIDLYNCH [2:41 PM PST]: I DON’T THINK NEWLINE IS GOING TO SPRING FOR IT This is a very sad day today. Although an official announcementt has not been made, feel free to voice your opinions on this to New Line Home Video by sending them an email to: talk with other fans about this check out the Twin Peaks Message Board at the Twin Peaks by clicking here

December 14th 2001

Mark Rance Tells All

Everything you wanted to know about the upcoming Twin Peaks Season One DVD as well as what the future may hold for the rest of the Twin Peaks Series on DVD can be found by clicking here. Enjoy the interview! 

December 13th 2001

New York Film Critics Circle Name Mulholland Drive Best Film 2001Click here for more information. 

December 12th 2001Thank You Judge Music Video up at David Lynch.comJust watched the “Thank You Judge” music video at David It is just hilarious. That video alone is worth the price of admission. The video features David Lynch, John Neff, and Naomi Watts. If you haven’t already joined, check it out. The site is great. Lots more content to come in the next few weeks as well as an online store where you can purchase the Blue Bob CD, Eraserhead on DVD, and much much more. What are you waiting for ? Click here to check out the site. December 9th 2001A Message from David LynchDAVID LYNCH.COM




December 6th

First Review of Twin Peaks DVD Box Set… It’s a Winner !Check it out here on Daily 

December 5th 2001

Who Says Christmas Didn’t Come Early This Year ? Twin Peaks DVD ScreenshotsClick here to check out some exclusive Twin Peaks DVD Screenshots.

December 4th 2001

Remember the Number… 10Check out what’s striiring over at David The countdown has begun. Mark Rance Interview Still ComingI am still waiting for clearance from Artisan to post my interview with Mark Rance. Keep checking back. 

November 30th 2001Reason for Twin Peaks Box Set Delay

The Digital Bits is reporting in their Rumor Mill that the reason for the delay on the Twin Peaks Box set from December 4th to the 18th is because of high demand issues.  Mulholland Drive on is reporting that Mulholland Drive will be released on Video on March 12th. Not sure where they got their information, or if this also means the DVD will be out on this date, but just thought I would mention it. 

November 19th 2001Rebekah Del Rio TonightThe show was just awesome. If you thought seeing Rebekah on the big screen was something, just wait till you see her live. “Llorando” live was just incredible. My personal favorite was the song she did with John Neff called “No Stars”. Completely breathtaking. Also in attendance tonight and a very special treat was actor Michael J. Anderson. As soon as I get my pictures developed, I will post them. Thanks to everyone that showed up. Check Rebekah’s homepage at for upcoming showcases.  

November 16th 2001

Press Release for Twin Peaks First Season DVD from Artisan

Looks like we will have to wait a few more weeks to get a hold of the new Twin Peaks DVD Box Set. Trust me, it will definately be worth it! Click here to read the entire press release. 

November 14th 2001

Senores y Senoras el Gig en Melrose presenta de Los Angeles Rebekah Del RioBig news for those living in the Los Angeles area. Rebekah Del Rio will be performing a showcase on Monday, November 19th at the Gig at 7302 Melrose in Hollywood. Rebekah will be on the stage at 7:00pm sharp. As a special treat, John Neff will be sitting in to perform a song with her called “No Stars”. Show your support and check out the showcase. Spread the word, and lets pack the house. The Gig is 21 and over. Call 310-444-9870 or 323-936-4440 for more information, or click here to be taken to the official announcement on Rebekahs site. Lynch’s Dumbland Series OnlineClick here to check out David Lynch’s Dumbland Series.  

November 10th 2001Twin Peaks Season One DVD Set Delayed?I’ve received several emails saying that some of the online retailers have pushed the street date back to December 18th. No official word yet, although I hope to talk with Artisan sometime next week.  

November 7th 2001Home Theater Forum Chat with New Line is UpThe basic message from New Line regarding Deleted Scenes on the upcoming FWWM DVD… “We do not have a release date or a timeline for breaking off negotiations.” Click here to read the entire transcript. Pre-Order the Elephant Man on DVDYou can now Pre-Order a copy of the Elephant Man on DVD. Set to be released on December 11th. The DVD features a new 5.1 audio mix approved by David Lynch as well as a new high def video transfer in anamorphic widescreen. Click here to Pre-Order it from and to help support the site. 

November 3rd 2001Interview with DVD Producer Mark RanceI have just finished a short interview with DVD producer Mark Rance. He tells all on his work with the upcoming Twin Peaks Series DVD as well as his work on the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD. The interview will be up as soon as I get clearance from Artisan. 

November 2nd 2001Jack Nance Documentary Presented by David LynchCheck out the homepage for the upcoming Jack Nance documentary. Just from the trailer alone, this looks just awesome. Click here to check it out.Lynch on Jay Leno TranscriptMike Dunn’s got the transcript to Lynch on Jay Leno. Click here to check it out. 

November 1st 2001Chat with New line Home Video on Home Theater ForumTo find out the latest on the status of the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD, be sure not to miss the chat at Home Theater Forum. The chat starts at 6pm PST this coming Tuesday, November 6th. Click here to be taken to the Home Theater forum website.

October 31st 2001Happy Halloween !Here’s another cool interview with Lynch on Mulholland Drive. 

October 26th 2001Winners from the Mulholland Drive ContestClick here to see the winning entries. Thanks to all the 93 viewers that sent entries in, and to Universal Pictures, Lili Ungar PR,  and Milan Records for providing the great prizes ! Entertainment Weekly has Nice Lynch Article and PhotosCheck out the November 2nd issue of Entertainment Weekly. It has a nice article on Lynch as well as some very cool photos. Click here to see the photos. 

October 25th 2001

Great Article on

Check out this great article on the filming of Lynch’s Playstation 2 commercial. 

 October 19th 2001

Go See Mulholland Drive this Weekend

Click here to see if Mulholland Drive is playing at a theater near you. Lets try and get Mulholland Drive in the top ten this week ! Help Spread the Word Anyone wishing to help spread the word about getting support for New Line to release the Deleted Scenes to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, download this PDF file. It’s a great little handout to pass out in line while waiting to see Mulholland Drive. You will need Adobe Acrobat to be able to view and print this file. Mulholland Drive Art Contest Ends TonightPlease get your art submissions in by tonight. Click here for more information. 

October 16th 2001

Update on Fire Walk With Me DVD on

Click here to read an update on the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD on DVDfile.comLynch Chat on MSN.comClick here to read the entire transcript.Mulholland Drive Art Contest Ends This FridayYou only have a few more days to send in submissions for the art contest to win Mulholland Drive Soundtrack CD’s, T-Shirts, Presskits, and other great prizes. Please check out the contest page for more information. 

October 14th 2001

Mulholland Drive Mention on Yahoo NewsIn the limited release arena, director David Lynch’s Hollywood noir thriller “Mulholland Drive” opened at No. 14 with $708,000 from just 66 theaters in 15 U.S. markets. Its strong average of $10,412 more than doubled the average of any film in the top 10, indicating that it played to packed houses. It expands next Friday to 200 theaters in 80 markets. The film was released by Universal Pictures. View the original article by clicking here

October 13th 2001

Mulholland Drive Rocked My WorldAll I have to say is that it has been 24 hours since I have seen Mulholland Drive… and I am still thinking about it. If you have not seen it, go and see it NOW. This is a true inspirational masterpiece. Thank you David ! David Will Be Opening SoonThere were some minor technical issues with David that have delayed the planned release date just a bit. Make sure you register for a launch notification to get emailed as soon as the site goes live. Thanks for your patience. Interviews LynchCheck out this Lynch Interview from by clicking here

October 12th 2001

A Message from Eli Roth Hello Everyone, As you all know, “Mulholland Drive” opens today in select cities around the United States, and nationwide next week.  I am making a gift for David that will be from all of us.  I want to make a collage using photographs of all the theaters around the world where “Mulholland Drive” is playing.  Ideally, if lines are long and the signs say “Sold Out” that would make him the happiest, but I think there will be something very special about actually seeing what it looks like to have David’s film playing around the globe.  I know it will mean a great deal to him. I am in North Carolina until December, so until then please send any photos you have to:  Eli Roth c/o Down Home Entertainment 1014 Mill Avenue Suite 195 High Point, N.C.  27260  For those of you around the globe who have to wait until MD opens in your country, I will have a different address to send photos to at the end of November.  Please note that I cannot accept any script submissions, ideas, or videotapes at this time, only the photographs that will be incorporated into the collage.  Also, I would like to keep this a secret and give it to David as a surprise, so please be aware of that if you are posting on his website or are in one of his chatrooms.  Please not that this is NOT the address where you will send the videotapes.  David is swamped right now with the release of M.D. and the launch of his website.  He is so excited to do this world wide video project, and he needs time to think everything through and map it all out.  He appreciates your enthusiasm, and your patience.  I will have a special address for your tape. Thank you! Best regards,  Eli Roth October 11thGo See Mulholland Drive Tomorrow!Here is a complete listing of theaters that Mulholland Drive will be playing in tomorrow. Here is a listing for the 19th as well. I’ll be at the one in Westwood tomorrow night. See you there. 

October 10th 2001

Lynch Interview on Mr. ShowbizCheck out a very cool interview with Lynch on the Mr. Showbiz site by clicking hereLynch to Produce Eli Roth’s New Film, “Cabin Fever”David Lynch has signed on as an executive producer of “Cabin Fever,” a thriller about five isolated friends who contract a deadly flesh-eating virus. The project marks the feature writing and directing debut of Eli Roth. Congratulations Eli! 

October 7th 2001

Interview With John Neff is Up! is proud to present our very first interview with Chief Engineer John Neff. inside you will find tons of inside information on David, Blue Bob, Mulholland Drive, and lots of news on upcoming Lynch DVD’s. Click here to read it now. Chat with Justin Theroux at AllCampus.comJustin will be doing a live chat on October 12th at Click here for more information.Thanks to Elliot Wrann for the heads up. Mulholland Drive Soundtrack is Pure Genius!Just got a copy of the Mulholland Drive CD. It is just amazing. It also features a few tracks from Blue Bob. Grab one when it is released on Tuesday, or click here to pre-order one from You will not be disappointed. October 3rd 2001Twin Peaks Series DVD Cover just posted the cover art to the Twin Peaks Series Special Edition DVD. Check it out hereMulholland Drive Interview with Laura Elena HarringCheck it out hereOperation Creamed Corn Opens!Fans wanting to do more than just sit around and wait to see what will happen with the upcoming Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD Deleted Scenes situation, go check out Operation Creamed Corn, and their efforts to let New Line know the support that they have for including Deleted Scenes on the upcoming DVD. Mulholland Drive Clips on CountingDown.comCheck out some more and better quality clips from Mulholland Drive on by clicking here. Thanks to Adam Harding for the tip.  

October 1st 2001Mulholland Drive Clip at IFilms.comCheck out a short clip from Mulholland Drive. Click here for more details. FWWM DVD News on DVDFileNew Line was at Studio Day this weekend, and mentioned that they are committed to delivering the best Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me special edition possible. Click here for the original article. 

September 28th 2001Mulholland Drive Art Contest! is proud to announce our very first Contest! Click here for a chance to win some great Mulholland Drive Prizes! 

September 25th 2001Mulholland Drive Soundtrack Press ReleaseClick here to view the official press release from Milan Records. Click here to pre-order the CD from 

September 22ndMulholland Drive Official Website Opens!Check out the new Mulholland Drive Website by clicking here. There are lot of cool things hidden in there. They are also planning on hosting the very first online chat with David Lynch. Bookmark their site, and check it regularly! 

September 21th 2001

Wild at Heart and Blue Velvet DVD News!Just got word from John Neff that the Region 1 Wild at Heart DVD by MGM will go in production shortly after the new Blue Velvet DVD release. The new Blue Velvet DVD sporting Lynch’s new 5.1 audio remix is tentatively scheduled for release in December of this year. Check back here in the next week or so for my exclusive interview with John Neff.   

September 18th 2001

Twin Peaks Series DVD Available for Pre-OrderAs you may have noticed, the Twin Peaks Series is now available for pre-order. However, AmazonCDNow, and Barnes and Noble all have different prices as well as descriptions. The “3-Pack or 4-Pack” DVD offered by CDNow and Barnes and Noble is considerably less, and is supposed to be produced by Republic Pictures, which makes it even more confusing. Im currently waiting on Artisan to send me their official press release, however, from what I understand, they are all one and the same. 

September 11th 2001

Elephant Man DVD Planned for Dec 11th ReleaseI just got an email from John Neff mentioning that he recently turned in a new Lynch approved 5.1 audio remix for Paramount’s upcoming Elephant Man DVD. If all goes as planned, it will be released on December 11th.    Finished Interview with John NeffWell, I just got back from my interview with John Neff. It was a most incredible experience. He played me some tracks from the upcoming Blue Bob CD, along with other soon to be released project,  and all I can say is WOW. Truly awesome stuff. Hopefully I should have the interview posted in a week or so. Check back next week. Mulholland Drive CD Available for Pre-OrderYou can pre-order the Mulholland Drive CD now from Amazon by clicking here. Also, by clicking on this link you will be helping support our site.   Richard Beymers Twin Peaks Photos No MoreTonight I spoke with Richard Beymer. After December 1st, his photos will no longer be available to purchase from his site. He also mentioned that there is a good chance that some of his photos may turn up as stills on the upcoming Twin Peaks Series DVD’s. If you want to get an order in before they become unavailable, click here to go to his photo page. Twin Peaks: FWWM Shooting Diary OnlineI finally got around to posting “Excerpts From A Shooting Diary” by Charlotte Fraisse. Special Thanks to Adam Harding for taking the time to transcribe the piece. Click here to check it out.  

August 14th 2001

Mulholland Drive and David NewsMulholland Drive has been chosen to be the Centerpiece of this years New York Film Festival. The film will be shown on October 6th. Mulholland Drive will then have a limited theatrical release in major cities on October 12th. Expect a wider release on October 19th. David should be up and running hopefully by the end of September to coincide with the release of Mulholland Drive.   

August 8th 2001Twin Peaks Series to be Released Dec. 4th w/ DTSHey all. I just about passed out when I checked out the In Production Charts on the Video Business site. As I usually check it daily to see if there are any updates on any upcoming Lynch DVD’s, I was shocked to say the least that they now have a release date of December 4th for the Twin Peaks: First Season from Artisan. One thing to note that they also mention it will include DTS sound (first TV series to be converted to DTS) … (Please oh please let them have included a separate music only audio track.)  And finally, just so you can see it with your own eyes, check out the listing by clicking here. Also, a partial list of the specs can be found on my FAQ page. Special thanks to Peter at for getting additional details on my scoop.   

August 3rd 2001 Exclusive Interview Coming Soon will be conducting an exclusive interview with Chief Engineer John Neff. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Neff, he is David Lynch’s Chief Engineer who has worked with him on many projects since 1997. Most recently he has completed the theatrical mix of Mulholland Drive and a new 5.1 remix of Blue Velvet for an upcoming DVD release and archival film storage. Check out this great article on Digidesign’s site. Click here to read more about this upcoming interview and to get one of your questions answered by Mr. Neff. Twin Peaks Series on DVD Update ?!Artisan recently sent out a brochure to Video Business Subscribers on their upcoming titles for the rest of this year as well as next year. In this, they mention the Twin Peaks Series Special Edition DVD to be coming “next year”. This conflicts from what my source at Artisan has told me about the boxed set being released in November. Either way, it is finally on it’s way, as at last weeks San Diego Comic Convention, DVD Producer Mark Rance officially announced that he is in the process of working on the DVD set as we speak. To read the mention check out the transcript from the Convention over at the Digital Bits (about 3/4 of the way down) by clicking here. We should expect lots of recent interview footage to be included on this release. 

July 12th 2001

UK Region 2 FWWM DVD Announced

Second Sight have announced that they plan to release Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on DVD on September 17th. Features include a 16:9 anamorphic transfer, and Dolby 2.0 Stereo Sound. No extras. SRP is £15.99. More information soon. Click here to read the press release, and click here to see the cover artwork.

Special thanks to Richard Clark and James Maggs for the great scoop !

July 4th 2001Mulholland Drive Gets US Distribution Deal

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Mulholland Drive has been picked up for US distribution by Universal Focus. Also, you can click here to check out some more cool pictures from Cannes hosted on Laura Harrings site.  Special thanks to Jordan Chambers from the Twin Peaks Gazette for the great scoop !  

June 17th 2001Weekend with the Lynches June 23rd & 24thCheck out the Independent Film Channel this coming Saturday and Sunday for their Weekend with the Lynches showcase. New Line Sends out Another Round of EmailsFans everywhere have recently received the following email from New Line: Thanks for your e-mail. We apologize for not getting back to you sooner. 

The DVD for TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK WITH ME is in the works and will hopefully be released within the next year. Please be assured that the added value content will be up to New Line’s rigorous standards. Any delay is so that we can offer the best DVD possible. Since this DVD is a work-in-progress, we are unable to release any specific information regarding content until after the announce date. 

Check out our upcoming DVD releases and sign up for our DVD newsletter at It’s pretty much the same response they sent out in February. However it’s good to know that they haven’t given up yet on trying to acquire those Deleted Scenes. 

May 20th 2001

Lynch – Best Director Cannes 2001

David Lynch earned the Best Director award of Cannes 2001 for Mulholland Drive. Congratulations to all involved ! Now lets hope for a speedy US release ! Click here for a cool photo from a French magazine that covered Cannes. 

May 4th 2001

A Message from LynchThis message comes from Eli Roth, a good friend to Lynch and one of the producers of the upcoming

My name is Eli Roth and I work with David Lynch. I was interviewed in “Wrapped in Plastic” issue #50, and mentioned this project. I am coordinating materials for a specific project that will be on David’s forthcoming site,

I need to find die hard Lynch fans with DV cameras around the world who would be willing to put themselves on camera for a specific project for David. This project will be a part of I have everyone I need in the United States, and need to find people from all corners of the globe. If there are fans in Japan, China, Egypt, anywhere, reading this, please contact me at this address:

Please let me know where you are located and what kind of camera you have. If you are in the U.S. but know someone in one of the far corners of the world, please give them the e-mail address. This address will expire soon, so please spread the word.

Thank you!

April 23rd 2001
Article on online.

Check out a new article on from RES Magazine. Wild at Home: David Lynch’s Surreal Online TV Station

Wrapped In Plastic Talks Lynch DVD with Eli Roth
This is old news, but I finally got a copy of Wrapped in Plastic Issue #50, and it has a most amazing interview with Lynch DVD Producer Eli Roth. They talk about everything from the Series DVD’s to the problems concerning the Deleted Scenes for Fire Walk With Me. They even mention some interesting information concerning Deleted Scenes for Blue Velvet. If you haven’t gotten yourself a copy yet, click here to check out Wrapped in Plastics website.

April 20th 2001
Region 0 Pilot DVD Looks LegitThere has been much debate lately as to whether or not the mysterious Catalyst Logic Twin Peaks: Pilot is legit or not. A 1998 article in Asia Biz Tech wrote this:

Ritek Inc. and Catalyst Logic Co., Ltd. obtained authorization from Orion Network Systems Inc., United Artists Theater Group and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. (MGM) for DVD production and distribution in Taiwan. This follows the success of InfoDisc Technology Co. Ltd. in obtaining authorization from Warner Advanced Multimedia Operations to produce DVD for Warner Brothers Records. 

That allows Ritek and Catalyst Logic to join CMC Magnetics Corp., Prodisc Technology Inc. and InfoDisc to compete for the distribution and production rights for the eight largest film makers in the United States.

Special Thanks to Michael Oberhardt for the great scoop !

April 3rd 2001
Twin Peaks: Pilot on DVD ?The rumors are true. Click here for a complete review on this Region 0 release.

March 13th 2001
David Delayed

Latest word is that David’s opening will be delayed due to the fact that Mr. Lynch has been very busy as of late working on Mulholland Drive. We are told to expect up to a 6 month delay. 

Special thanks to Lander Salzberg for the great scoop !

February 26th 2001
Fans Receive Letters From New Line
This past week many Twin Peaks Fans have received the following letter from New Line regarding the status of the upcoming Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD:

TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK WITH ME is scheduled to be released on DVD in 2001. Please be assured that the added value content will be up to New Line’s rigorous standards, and is scheduled to be a Platinum Series release. Any delay is so that we can offer the best DVD possible. Since this DVD is a work-in-progress, we are unable to release any specific information regarding content until after the announce date later in the year. 

Check out our upcoming DVD releases and sign up for our DVD newsletter at 

Still no confirmation on the Deleted Scenes, but the announcement of the disc being a Platinum Series disc is definitely a good sign.Worldwide Twin Peaks Fight Needs Translators
John Viola from the Worldwide Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Fight for Deleted Scenes website needs help from Twin Peaks Fans around the world that are willing to make html translations of his site in different languages so it will be more easily accessed for non-English speaking Twin Peaks Fans. If you can help him out, send an email to and join the fight ! He is currently looking for someone to translate his site to German, among other languages. Also be sure to check out the great new Deleted Scenes pictures that he has on his site. 
WWF to buy Artisan Entertainment ?
Latest rumor going around is that Vince McMahon of the WWF is interested in buying Artisan Entertainment. What could this mean for the upcoming Twin Peaks Series on DVD ? We don’t know, but if any news comes from this, we’ll report it here. 
Special thanks to Eddie Montorro for the great scoop !
Twin Peaks 6-pack VHS Ranks #2 at ! recently released it’s Top 25 VHS titles ever sold, and surprisingly enough, the Twin Peaks 6-pack containing THE ENTIRE 29 EPISODES of the series ranked #2. Hopefully Artisan will pick up on this and get moving with their upcoming DVD set.

January 16th 2001
Video Business Article on the Deleted Scenes !
The January 8th issue of Video Business features an article entitled “Peaks hits a valley at New Line” by Enrique Rivero. The article is on the upcoming Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD, and specifically highlights the latest on the Deleted Scenes. I’ve posted the article so you can read it by clicking here.

Special thanks to Marty Langford for the great scoop and the scanned article !