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November 24th 2000
Rottenfruit.Z.Com Homage to David Lynch
Eli Roth, one of David Lynch’s producers that has helped transfer all of Mr. Lynch’s films onto DVD has recently released a homage to Lynch in his animated web series “The Rotten Fruit”. It is just brilliant, and a most wonderful tribute to Mr. Lynch. Whatever you do, make sure you check this out.

October 26th 2000
Meeting with New Line Home Video
Earlier this week I had lunch with Mr. Matt Lasorsa, Senior VP of Marketing for New Line Home Video, and Mr. Michael Mulvihill, VP of DVD Content for New Line Home Video. The bad news is that we will probably not see the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD this year. The good news is that the reason that we won’t be seeing it this year is because New Line is still currently under negotiations with the rights holder to acquire the rights to include the Deleted Scenes that have been chosen by David Lynch to be featured on the disc. New Line wanted to let us know that their current position is that they do NOT want to release the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD without Deleted Scenes until every possible option has been explored. They are committed to making this upcoming DVD, THE definitive Fire Walk With Me DVD, and have been working very closely with David Lynch to ensure that the DVD will surpass all expectations of the fans.

New Line would also like us to know that there is no animosity between the current rights holder and New Line, and that their asking price for the Deleted Scenes is a fair price, however there are many options to be explored, and much more negotiating to do. I will add, that while the price from the rights holder is a fair price, it has a big cost impact on New Line’s Profit and Loss Statement given the number of units they estimate that the DVD will sell. They are working on ways to meet their corporate commitments and still be able to absorb the additional costs. When asked about what these Deleted Scenes could possibly contain, I was told that David Lynch was given a list of popular scenes from the script that fans have been asking for, and that none of them rang a bell. Since he has already chosen the scenes, I would be tempted to say that the scenes that we might see would be scenes much like the end Angel scene, filmed completely off the script. With this in mind, I am confident that New Line will do all they can to try and secure these Deletes Scenes, and put out THE definitive Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD.

Also, New Line would like to thank everyone for their interest and letters of support regarding their upcoming DVD. As soon as more news becomes available, I will be posting it here. So stay tuned !

Also check out my FAQ for updates on the spec list.

August 30th 2000
Reports from the Twin Peaks Festival
I just got back from the Twin Peaks Festival, and it was a blast ! While I was there, I met a lot of really great people as well as found out some interesting tidbits regarding the upcoming DVD releases.

First off, it seems that both New Line and Artisan will definitely be doing extras for their DVD’s. According to all of the cast members that were in attendance, both companies have been filming interviews with them to be included on the DVD’s.

In a talk I had with Kimmy Robertson (AKA Lucy Moran), she mentioned that the Series DVD’s were definitely being pushed back to 2001, and that she was glad they were pushing it back, as for the interview segment, they were not able to find Harry Goaz (AKA Deputy Andy Brennan) and now with the date pushed back, there would be a better chance of locating him and being able to tape his segments.

In a talk I had with Michael J. Anderson (AKA the Little Man From Another Place), he mentioned that the theme for the FWWM interview supplement would be “Twin Peaks… 10 years later.” Also, many of the cast members were aware about the possible inclusions of Deleted Scenes, but did not know the status of the negotiations.

I also found out that Mark Rance and his company “3 Legged Cat” were in charge of doing the supplements for the upcoming FWWM DVD. Many would know him on his work for the new Boogie Nights and Magnolia DVD’s which were just amazing !

And finally, Catherine Coulson (AKA the Log Lady) made a mention of the upcoming Eraserhead DVD. While nothing is set in stone as far as a release date, she did mention that last month, David had found some footage from Eraserhead that has been lost for a very long time; plans currently are to include it on the upcoming DVD release.

August 11th 2000
More Bad News
Today, I got the following email from Artisan:

We regretfully inform you, our previous street date of November for the Twin Peaks series has been delayed. Our marketing Department has pushed back the release until February 2001 due to legal issues such as securing the famous pilot episode.
Again, we send our sincere apology to all of the fans and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Larry Williams
E-commerce Customer Service
Artisan Entertainment

August 10th 2000
Delay on FWWM DVD Release Date
The Digital Bits rumor mill has reported that the FWWM DVD is set to street December 19th along with New Line’s upcoming Se7en Platinum DVD. This sounds about right, as recently, a few titles have been released in a press release for New Line’s upcoming October titles, and FWWM was not one of them. However, keep in mind that the reason for this delay is because New Line is still in negotiations with the rights holder for the rights to the Deleted Scenes. Lets still keep our fingers crossed. I will also be going to the annual Twin Peaks Festival next week and should have more to report when I get back.

July 31st, 2000
Even More News On the Deleted Scenes
Today, Eric Thomas from the Twin Peaks Festival and Kimmy Robertson did a segment promoting this years annual Twin Peaks Festival on Comedy World’s “The Beth Lapides Experience”. New Line is trying very hard to secure these scenes for the disc. So still no definite word, but it’s great to know that they are still trying.

July 7th 2000
News from the Twin Peaks Festival 2000 Site !
Taken from the Twin Peaks Festival news section:

All of the stars were asked to contribute new interviews for the DVD and all agreed except for Richard Beymer 🙁 As for the extra footage, New Line is still negotiating with the French company that owns the rights to that footage. However, it should be noted that the version that has been released IS David Lynch’s director’s cut and he does not wish the extra footage to be incorporated into the film. Adding them as extras is okay with him but he does not want the film re-edited.

June 14th 2000
Chat with New Line Cinema at Home Theater Forum
Incase you missed it, here is New Line’s response to the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD:

New Line is working very closely with David Lynch to insure that his personality is represented in the DVD of Fire Walk With Me. Mr. Lynch has personally approved a new 16×9 transfer of the feature and new 5.1 remix of the audio. He has also been instrumental in setting up contact with many of the film’s key players who will be included in a documentary on the DVD.

The deleted scene situation is unclear at this point, but we are working closely with David Lynch to ensure the DVD will be packed with extras.

May 31st 2000
Feedback from New Line
An anonymous fan sent this in which is supposedly a feedback reply from the New Line DVD Team. Here it is:

Good news, the Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me DVD is scheduled for an October release. The final added value is still to be determined however, there will be an original Trailer and Widescreen version included. Visit our website to learn about upcoming releases.

Thank you very much.
DVD Team

This would make sense, since the Twin Peaks Series Boxed Set has been rumored a November 14th street date. Still no 100% confirmation on either nor any confirmation of Deleted Scenes being included. Check the FAQ for more info.

May 22nd 2000
TP Article in New Issue of Entertainment Weekly
There’s a great TP article in the Spring #540 issue of Entertainment Weekly that makes a brief mention of the upcoming TP:FWWM DVD. Take it as you will…
ABC canceled the show. Its 30th and final episode a two-hour Lynch-directed shocker that concluded with Cooper’s seeming demonic possession aired on June 10, 1991. In August 1992, an equally confounding prequel, TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME, appeared in theaters, meeting the disapprobation of critics and the fascination of cultists. Lynch is now putting together a DVD edition of that prequel. And, in his mind, he’s working toward a kind of conclusion, too.

Lynch: There is no ending. It’s part of a continuing story. The problem is the continuing story is in my head and in Mark’s head…. I visit it in my mind, TWIN PEAKS. It’s frustrating in a way because there are many clues and many threads that have yet to be followed. But it’s kind of nice having them out there, because they have not been solved, and because there’s threads to dream on.

April 28th 2000
Latest Report from Lynchnet
Production is underway for New Line’s new Fire Walk With Me disc. The disc will contain a new 16×9 enhanced transfer, and will possibly contain Deleted Scenes. There’s also a possibility of a Lynch interview about the film (but no commentary).

April 11th 2000
FWWM DVD Pre-Order Information
Today, the TP Festival Site reports:

The latest news (direct from New Line Home Video) is that FIRE WALK WITH ME is coming to DVD!!! David Lynch is working closely with the folks at New Line Cinema to bring you this highly anticipated release!

One of the main deciding factors in the decision to bring this title to DVD was a recent online petition that forwarded over 600 e-mails to New Lines video department!! Proof that this type of campaign and determination by the fans makes a difference!!

Unfortunately there is no word yet as to the content of the DVD and whether it will include any of Lynch’s unseen footage that is so highly sought after by Twin Peaks fans.

Fans attending the festival will be the first to be able to order the disc directly from New Line!